The biggest lie I believed for a long time ended the time I came to a self-realization that my future is not in my money, neither is it with my friends nor family but it is in my thinking. This is a wise saying “As a man thinks so is he.”

I grew up in an environment where life was defined and broken down into the irreducible minimum of hand to mouth! For many years, I wanted to have a different life to be able to ‘enjoy’ life like the people I saw driving and assumed had big mansions. I had no time to think for others as time was of the essence. My life was simply defined by my environment which made me feel comfortable living for me, myself and I. I was selfish.

After busting my dream bubble and having access to all that I wished for, I realized there is more to life than having what you want and living for bills at the end of every month. My life took a turn around when I started thinking about what I will live behind when I exit this planet. As a tree, I can’t eat my own fruits and as a river I can’t drink my own water. What purpose will I have lived for? What will I leave behind for the one who is coming  after me, I will want them to know there is more to life than making money, being wealthy and owning the whole planet. It is thinking others and living for others!

“Live for others and others will live for you”.  ~ Githinji Mwangi.


Githinji Mwangi,

Founder and CEO, NEXGEN Foundation.