NEXGEN Foundation

The NexGen Foundation is a non-governmental entity that is established as a nonprofit corporation or a charitable trust, with a principal purpose to raise leaders in the market place through mentorship programs.
With the global crisis in economic growth, unemployment curves and sexual identity, millions of our young generation have sort an identity solution in crime, drug abuse and suicide after school. The cause of the result lies in lack of mentorship as parents are mostly career driven spending less time with their children.
After school, they are faced with Self-Identity Crisis and Mental Health Crisis in the market place with a misplaced definition of success.
• What if we nurtured our young generation to discover purpose, follow passion and maximize their
• What if we mentored our young generation from school to create employment opportunities?
• What if we invested in preparing our young people in Identity, Mental Health, Sex Education,
Career Development and Spiritual Growth to succeed in the market place?
When we nurture and mentor, we will yield different results.